Sunday, January 3, 2010


Align CenterWell! its my first blogg!! ever:) i have never done this before so i dont really know if its like talking to people or not. But i am just gonna Pretend like i am talking to Liz or something:)
so much is going on in my life. I am moving to Berlin Germany in 7 months! i am so excited! God has been giving me faith to be happy about my move and to not me mad or anything! i am so so so sad though! i am gonna miss all my friends!! like so much1 well when i have more to say i will write more but! OH!! a couple more things! Faith is such an imporatant part of believeing in God. wether its a tough time your going through or an easy one, you still need to have faith, wether its having faith that you will get your favorite puppy or having faith a friend or family member wont die. no matter what happens if you have faith then you are believeing... well if what i say makes sense the PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! well....